Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help for a Father

Jeff Howe, a contributing editor at Wired magazine who coined the term "crowdsourcing" and will be featured in the January issue of Inventors Digest, recently revealed on his blog,crowdsourcing.com, that his toddler son, Finn, is developmentally delayed.

It's a stirring confessional and a departure from his usual posts that deal strictly with crowdsourcing - the concept that disparate Web users from across the globe can help companies find solutions to business problems and help with new product ideas. But he tied his son's developmental issues to crowdsourcing - he basically asked his network for advice, support and help.

If you have any insights or experiences that might help him and his family, I invite you to visit his blog and weigh in. If you do, make sure to tell him Edison Nation sent ya.

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