Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adieu Libby Lu

Saks Inc. says it’s closing all of its 98 Club Libby Lu locations, laying off 1,700 employees. Libby Lu caters to girls ages 4-12, allowing them to dress up like celebrities and princesses.

We wrote earlier this year about Patricia Breggia, an inventor who pitched girl beauty products under the name "Gidgi Lu" to Mary Drolet, then at Claire’s Stores. Drolet bolted from Claire’s and founded Libby Lu shortly thereafter.

We left it to readers to decide whether Drolet stole the idea.

I never like to see people lose their jobs. But Libby Lu seemed rather dated by the time Saks bought it in 2003. Girls have a better chance of becoming scientists, engineers, technologists and even astronauts than they do becoming celebrities or princesses.

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