Friday, February 27, 2009

Own a Piece of Inventors Digest

We’re willing to create a regular, dedicated “sponsored editorial” section of the magazine devoted to your business or cause ... plus design an accompanying ad for you.

The cost of this sponsored editorial program: competitive.
The return-on-investment: priceless.

• We clearly label the page(s) as sponsored by you. We generate the stories or work with your content.
• We run a full-page ad for the duration of the sponsorship adjacent to the special section or somewhere else in the magazine. This ad does not have to run concurrent with the special section.
• This content can be displayed on your Web site – we will waive reprint costs.
• Become one of our go-to sources for other stories in the magazine, as warranted.

Through a dedicated sponsored section that is clearly branded, a full-page ad, and seeding in other areas of the magazine, you can amplify and share your message with our global readership of innovators.

For details, call 704.405.0712 or e-mail

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jalady said...

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