Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

I’m trying to figure out Twitter. It keeps coming up in conversations with colleagues, business associates, sources and in seminars. There’s a PR event this Wednesday here in Charlotte where a guru in PR is going to talk about leveraging Twitter for your business, among other things. I just don’t get how conveying mundane stuff in 140 characters of less is of any value to anyone.
That said, I set up a Twitter account awhile back: http://twitter.com/inventorsdigest
If anyone has any insight as to why anyone should Tweet, I’m all ears.

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adebiyi said...

I've been wondering about Twitter myself. You can use it to broadcast messages, e.g., a recent post on a blog, but if you're a patent practitioner and your followers are, say, mostly online marketers and web designers, what good is that to you or the followers. You could also use Twitter to contact people who might not be accessible otherwise. In general, Twitters are so unfocused and fragmented that I can't spent too much time reading them. As a toy, a way to air one's random thoughts, it's a good tool.