Monday, February 11, 2008

Innovation Goes Global

The First International Inventors Day Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, drew dozens of inventors from some 27 countries earlier this month.

Among the notable innovations at the three-day event: beer concocted with vitamin B. Philippine inventor Billy Malang called it a “prophylactic for drinkers.” The beer supposedly replaces the key vitamin lost during a good bender.

Among the American inventions was an “invisible gym” – an armchair that converts in 30 seconds into an exercise machine for the arms, upper body, legs and thighs and comes in his and hers configurations.

"Every time you give inventors an opportunity to have their ideas seen, that's what starts their blood flowing," Deb Hess, executive director of the Minnesota Inventors Congress, told the China Post.

The proliferation of inventors from so many countries underscored how competitive the planet is. I keep flashing on that European report last year that said the United States has lost the lead when it comes to technology innovation.

I’ll be in San Jose this weekend for the 3rd season casting calls for Everyday Edisons. And I’ll be on the lookout for American ingenuity.

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