Saturday, February 16, 2008

Casting Call

The casting call in San Jose for the third season of Everyday Edisons was an unqualified success, I’m happy to report. By my informal count, more than 800 inventors arrived for a chance to earn a slot on the show. I love working the booths at these events. So much passion from the contestants. So much creativity. It’s infectious.

The only drag – my shipment of magazines never arrived. We like to hand out copies to the throngs. So it was like showing up to a potluck without a dish. Tiffany and I made do. And we met a lot of cool people.

I know we’ll be writing about a few of the inventors who came by to chat. I really liked the lady who built her own dialysis machine. She also built her own house … and rides motorcycles.

Then there was the guy from Hawaii who has developed a pot that tells you when to water plants. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cactus or an orchid.

I also liked the guy with the alarm-triggered mailbox. In an era of ID theft, that idea, I suspect, has legs.

I’ll post photos and audio some time next week.


tia said...

Hi Mike,
Sounds like a pretty exciting day. I'ts amazing the talent that's right in our "backyard". I know the lady you mentioned who built her own dialysis machine, her name is Shelia Shaw, must be her as how many women ride motorcycles, build their own house and in their spare time, build their own dialysis machines :). I consider myself pretty creative but she is off the charts. I'll look forward to hearing more about the "cool people" you met. It's all very inspiring.

Peggi said...

Hi Mike,
I know this woman who you mention who built her own house, rides motorcycles and has a passion for inventing! Sheila Shaw is her name and she's truly amazing. She invented the PD Security Band for people who are doing a type of dialysis called peritoneal dialysis. She's also a motivational speaker for those living with a chronic illness. She's definitely interview material!

Dani said...

Dear Mike,
I immediately recognized the woman you write of who invented a dialysis machine, rides motorcycles and builds houses. There's only one person who fits that description and her name is Sheila Shaw. An amazing inventor who climbs every mountain with a spirit that naturally recognizes that 'not' reaching the top is not an option. Sheila's abilities, her level of ambition and perseverance are rare and special. I look forward to reading more about her and her imminent successes.

Tiffany Q said...

Hey Mike,
I also know of Shelia Shaw. She's the Dr. Robert Jarvik of peritoneal dialysis, though I didn't know she had invented her own machine! Everyone should google her if not for the health of themselves or someone they love, then for her uncanny story and accomplishments. She's one of those people you come across and can see the Hollywood movie of her life! Please write more about her and her latest invention... though I do need something to tell me when to water my plants ;)

Judy said...

I meet this woman,Sheila Shaw, through a mutual friend back in 1996. Sheila is a great inspiration to others and has a true zest for life. Her story would be great for people to read and see what you can do with ones life, regardless of the cards you are dealt. She does not know the words you can't.

TerraVerde said...

Hello Mr. Mike,

I saw a posting on your blog about Sheila Shaw (the lady who built her own dialysis machine and rides motorcycles) and I believe she's worthy of an interview. It's quite a story when someone devotes their life to doing something significant for other people. Sheila Shaw has no doubt made a difference in many people's lives those with and without peritoneal dialysis and one interview can go a long way in spreading the word. She's an inspiring figure and many entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs like me could learn a lot from what she has done with creativity, smarts, and the support of her loved ones.

Dorian said...

I noticed that you mentioned a lady who invented a "dialysis machine", builds her own house and rides motorcycles. I happen to know that lady. Her name is Sheila Shaw and we met through our common passion for motorcycles. Sheila is a wonderful person and has inspired me in many ways. She will not take no for an answer and won't be discouraged by all these naysayers out there. I would love to see an interview with her. She has a very creative mind and likes to help people with her inventions. I know that there are a lot of people who would feel as inspired by her as I have.

Libby Stanton said...

Dear Mike,
I really would love to see Sheila Shaw interviewed by Inventors digest. Sheila Shaw is the woman who participated in the casting call for Everyday Edisons and who you mentioned as the lady who invented a dialysis machine, rides motorcycles and builds houses.
Inventors in general are pretty inspiring for their creative ideas and individual stories of implementing these ideas. We all need and love to hear these stories to encourage us in our lives.
I know Sheila, she is pretty remarkable not only for her inventions, but for her examples of moving forward in a "can-do" attitude through really tough obstacles. She has many interesting facets to explore in her experiences which will appeal to and encourage a wide variety of people.
She's a good speaker too.