Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on Patent Reform

The proposed patent reform bill is generating more chatter and clatter. Over at Intellectual Property Watch, there’s a post saying, “Legislation for sweeping patent reform in the United States could see Senate floor action as soon as early April.”

Those who claim to be in the know predict the bill will die a quiet death after all is said and done. There may be something to that … even the USPTO has said it can’t support the reform bill “as written.” But it still supports some of the more controversial aspects of the bill, including changing the longstanding first-to-invent provision to first-to-file.

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What's New? said...

I have written Orrin Hatch (UT Senate) for 8 years. He is one of the bills sponsors.
I have been telling him the obstacles that we have faced. That he needs to keep in-mind the small inventors. Until this last letter 3/2008 he had told me that I needed to contact an attorney.
This time he at least mentioned that he would keep our story in-mind.
Everything has happened to us. Attorneys' letting our patent application go abandoned & not telling us. The examiner issuing a patent to someone else when we filed first. At least 5 companies "not under contract" Over 35 manufactures in China manufacturing & distributing across Europe. One of the hottest product being sold in the world.
If they never look at our story's they can not fix the problems.